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What are the main benefits of a seamless surface?

With the correct surface the project will be taken to that next level and look sophisticated and refined. The surface will last a very long time and require minimal maintenance. The versatility of hand finished nature means the project will have a truly unique feel.

Suitable for my project?

There are so many finishes to choose from which range from ideal domestic, fast-track commercial, pop-up stores, super-refined elegance, to heavy traffic, highly demanding environment so a discussion with our team can find you the ideal product for finish and long service life.

Who can help with the correct build up?

Our design team are highly experienced and have a huge wealth of technical and operational knowledge which we provide to ensure the build up to the finish is ideal for a prolonged perfect finished surface.

Can i get matching furniture and other items?

We can make bespoke pieces in the same finish as the majority of our walls and floors so you can complement the project with other items also made by us.

How easy are these surfaces to maintain?

We provide effective and efficient maintenance and cleaning advice for the or cleaning contractor.
We can also offer a maintenance and cleaning service by agreement.

How we can support

We share a belief in the transformational power of people united in a common purpose.

Before start (design/concept phase)

  • Sample making;
  • Colour matching and bespoke design and sample services;
  • Specification drafting/vetting;
  • Stakeholders meeting support;
  • Technical literature and packages;
  • Bespoke piece meetings/prototyping.

Construction/realization phase

  • OEM literature;
  • Maintenance training and guidance;
  • Site reporting;
  • Construction proposal drafting;
  • Site testing;
  • Installation supervision.